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hey hey hey

Hey whats going on guys?  Yeah I know, where the hell have I been right?  But I'm still alive and kicking.. Just been working my ass off getting ready for this cruise that I am going on this coming Saturday.. I really can't wait for it to come, a well needed vacation.  This summer mainly consisted of me working and just hanging out with some people.  Can't believe that it's  just about August already and that end of the month I'll be going back to school.  I really can't wait though, I miss it a lot.  I can't even say I miss "it" but just being in a routine and seeing people who I can't wait to see again is what I'm really looking forward to.  I also can't wait for the football season to begin again since that's the main highlights of the first semester seeing as we have 7 home games this year which is going to be a pretty good season I think.

On a personal note, nothing really happening.. I'm still single which I am just rather content with being right now because I've been single for such a while.  I mean there's two girls that I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with and I don't know I guess it's kind of weird since one of them I am really close with and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that but I believe in being friends is a very important thing before dating someone since I would want my significant other to be one of my best friends.. Idk, I guess chivalry is dead now a days.  The 2nd girl is a girl from my job who I started talking to like a month ago when I first came back and I always thought she was a very pretty girl but it's just something about her that grew on me you can say.. It's weird but it seems to be just right you know?

Other than that I joined a bowling league this summer which I am happy about since I didn't really bowl much while I was in school seeing that I wasn't going to travel back home each week to bowl and I didn't bring any of my bowling equipment with me to school so yeah that was that.  This upcoming school year should be good to since I am in a suite now which has a living room.. BEER PONG much? well I'm done writing so I am going to do a survey

Graduation!! SENIORS OH SEV

Well graduation is upon us in two days.  I don't believe it, here is something I wrote like a week ago.  

Four years ago we stepped into this building as the class of 2007.  Never before seeing us, we already had pre-conceived notions about us.  "Worst class ever to be promoted to Rahway High School". "A group of kids who just don't care", and many more.  We came into the high school with the same mentality that we had left the middle school; we were the big dogs.   We came into this school though yearning to do so well, yearning to figure out who we were.  Not on the inside as to whom we really wanted to be, on the outside just trying to fit in.  The countless nights and endless school days where we just "couldn't wait until we graduate" or "I wish summer was here already."   Most of us all were still apart of the same group of friends that we gained in middle school or even carried over from elementary school.

Three years ago we stepped into high school like we owned the place.  No one could tell us what to do.  We knew it all and couldn't be stopped.  That same circle of friends was still there but something just didn't seem right about it.  People changed throughout the entire year.  We started to either strengthen friendships or weaken them.  Started to think outside the box a little bit and not anymore just "go with the flow" but we actually all started to think for ourselves.  Never to be mistaken as an individual just yet, just someone who was searching for their inner selves.  Sweet Sixteen parties just about once a month, people getting their drivers permits, and started developing serious relationships with others.  Still nothing changed, we just "couldn't wait until we graduate."

Two years ago we became juniors.  No longer underclassmen, not upperclassmen.  This was when most of us received our driver licenses, found out who our true friends were, had that tough break up with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and just started to really search for the person inside.   That same group of friends from freshmen year had diminished.  Now it was probably just 2 or 3 of you from that circle.  Drama filled high school was now an everyday thing.  People egging cars, houses, slashing tires, and just spreading rumors.  Never really thinking about how short of a time is left until we graduate, but still never to forget a beat.   It wasn't anything new, we just "couldn't wait until we graduate."

One year ago, it was our year.  This was our time to shine and we wouldn't let anyone take that away from us.  We had senioritis before classes even began and just never really thought about it.  Never thought that this was our last first home football game, our last fall pep rally, our last homecoming game, our final season doing something that we love whether it was soccer, football, volleyball, bowling, track, swimming, dancing, marching band, cheerleading, etc.  We took those times for granted.  We still had that one best friend who'd been there through thick and thin just like you thought they would.  It was time to apply to college.  Some close, some not so close, but in the end we were accepted or rejected.  Nights where sleep just seemed like something that was never close writing essay after essay for school and for college.  Then came a time where we had to make a decision on what we were doing after high school.  It wasn't like anything had changed, we still just "couldn't wait to graduate."

As graduation day approaches each day is getting harder and harder.  We no longer want to hear you're graduating soon.  We know, we've been waiting for this day for the past 4 years but now it's real.  Now it doesn't seem so far away, it's so close and so real.  It's a bittersweet moment for most of us.  We are finally out of school, no more of high school and the tears that came associated with it.  Now we our on our own.  We have reached the promise land but now what?  Once June 20th comes, it will be our good-byes.  Probably one of the last times that our class is anywhere together at once.   Senior prom is next weekend and after that it's all downhill from there. Now we are getting excited about starting over, getting sad about what we will leave behind, getting anxious to move on.  This is the time to forget about all those times that people did you wrong, it's the time to forgive and move past that.  It's the time where we wish we could've done that and we wish we could've done this.  It's the time where reflect everything that we just let past by not taking advantage of every situation that we ever could.  Time to appreciate what we have done.  Now we all must face it by saying good bye to one another.

May. 28th, 2007

    wow... sorry guys, it's been two months.  Haven't really updated in a while.  Let's see the last time I actually did update was when I got back from the retreat with St. Theresa's.  Not much has really changed.  I don't know if I said this but I am officially apart of Rutgers Class of 2011 well really 2012 b/c of 5 year program. Lately I've just been thinking and just pondering on different things.  It's crazy.  I mean school is just about done.  I have less than 3 weeks left of school and I will officially be a high school graduate.  I mean prom is next weekend and I really just can't wait.  Banging ass tuxedo that I picked out!!  Picture at end.  I am going with my friend Stephanie.  I just really can't wait.  Once prom comes then it's really only 8 days of school after that and most of those days I won't be there because I won't have to take many finals. Sweet.  So excited.  Well we ended with the freshmen for peer.  as much as some of them did give us trouble we kinda miss them a lil bit.  Not too much just a lil bit! :) 
    Once prom comes then it's graduation.  I can't wait for graduation.  well I can but hopefully we will have tons of fun at graduation!!!  It's a pretty bittersweet moment coming up for me.  Like yeah, i know graduation, done with high school and all but looking back on it, I've had the fucking time of my life.  I swear this was one hell of a ride and now it's just about over.  I remember when I came into the school as a freshmen. Looking back I know that I did not think that I would be saying this right this moment.  Best 4 years of my life by far.  Hopefully college will be just as fun and even more.

   But yeah that's all I have to write about.  I guess comment and thanks loves!


    Wats going on???  I'm pretty damn good.  I have not a worry in the world right now.  Well just like one or two but life is pretty damn good.. I have no reason why.  Well i think it has something to do with this retreat that i went on this past weekend.  It was defintely totally amazing and I loved every second of it.  It was one of the best weekends that I have had in a very long time.  I left everything at the door and just focused on myself and my relationship with God.  I feel that I have definely built a stronger relationship with God.  It was one of those weekends that I just needed.  A time away from all the stresses and worries in my life.  School, Work, Friends, Family.  I just needed time off and I definetly got it this weekend. 
    I also met the most amazing group of people in my entire life.  I swear I only met this kids on Saturday and I felt that I had known them since I was about 10.  It was like we've all known each other for all these years.  They are such cool, welcoming, friendly people that I've met.  I went into the retreat having about 2-4 friends and people that I knew and I left there with about 40+ family members. I totally wished that I would've went on the retreats a hell of a lot before this.  But the experience was def. amazing and something that I will always remember and cherish.

You'll never uderstand until you experience it. You'll never have the same appriciation as us. Were getting older but we'll stay young at heart forever. We've been up and down. Down has always felt like home but just a taste of happiness is enough fuel to get us through the next heartache. We push through the pain. Or at least Pray Until Something Happens. Every ending is a new beginning and every beginning is a new beginnings end. I love it. I hate it. this bittersweet life.

Feb. 12th, 2007

    Whats going on people?  Yeah, long time since I last update.  Still basically doing the same thing, going to school, working, and bowling.  We bowling ended no Saturday.  pretty sad that it was my last bowling match of my high school career.  Boy did these 4 years go by soooo fast.  Starting the beginning of March I think I am going to start my normal schedule at work rather than Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I think its going to go back to Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  I need atleast one day off each weekend and I think Saturdays would be the best.  School's ok, so happy that GPA's are locked which means SENIORITIS to the bijillionith power is going to kick in.  It definately kicked in a little bit, some classes im just like i didnt do it and who cares cause I don't.  lol.

On the flip-side though, I am going to college.!!! Yeah boy, I got accepted to Farleigh Dickinson University, West Virginia Wesleyan College, St. John's University, and Rutgers University.  St. John's also offered me a scholarship of $9,500 a year.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  I'm still waiting on three more decisions and then I will make my decision.  I don't believe it, but in about 4 months were are graduating. word.  Well my birthday is next Thursday.  Birthday is going to be pretty damn sweet if i might add.  Peer Retreat, Ski Trip, and then interview with Stevens the monday following my birthday.
I really need to figure out what I am doing about prom.  I'm still stuck whether or not I will drive or see who wants to rent a limo.  I know who I am taking and we've figured out our colors.  She's wearing lavender and I'm wearing white and lavender, it's going to look so dope.  Tomorrow I have an award ceremony at City Hall.  The paper is in my room.  Well I think that's all.  I'll update when I have more to say. Peace out yo!
wats going on people?? I'm just chilln like a villan!!  Today was actually a good day even though I thought it wasn't going to be.  I don't know why I thought it wouldn't have been a good day, but it was just one of those feelings that you have when you awake.  I had a bad feeling about today, but it wasn't that bad so that was pretty good.

Period 2- Physics- Talked about Elastic Potential Energy
Period 3- Gym- Cafeteria because they are doing something to the gym, I don't know and I really don't care.
Period 4- AP History- Talked about the end of the chapter.  Test Part I tomorrow
Period 5- Cooking- We made grilled cheese
Period 6- Calculus- Mr. O'donnell is one of the greatest teachers that the school has ever had.  He makes everything sooo much more simple than Mr. Zamor
Period 7- Broadcasting- Sat talked to Eric, Kelly, Kayt, Jess, Christina and just chilled for the most part.  I also went to Ms. Lilly and asked her did any of my teachers give the recommendations and Ms. Cook had handed in all of them.  Boy was she fast, because I just gave Ms. Cook everything on Friday.  I was pretty souped about that.  Now only Keat, Ms. Palemero, Radler, Farrell, and Ms. S and I'm done with recommendations and just about done with applications.
Period 8- English- took a test and then talked to judy and Brenda.  Also found out my grade for the marking period, 94.  Pretty content with that.
Period 9- Peer

After school I came home and then went to work. Work was soooo damn busy.  I swear we ran out of just about everything, so that was no fun.  But other than that work was just a chill ass day.  No work tomorrow but work on wednesday, friday, and saturday.  Family coming from Maryland tomorrow so I have to clean my room, even though its no point because no one should be in my room. who care, that's all I have to write about.  I leave you with this.

Be who you are, and say what you mean because the people who mind don't matter and the people that matter dont mind.!
Boys State is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I have met so many different people and so many friendships I will take from this program.  I am County Freeholder for the great county of NIMITZ.  It's named after a great military leader, Charles Nimitz.  My city is Monroe, named after President Monroe.  We all just click, except one person. I don't like the mayor of the town, Kevin he's a bitch.  We have many different amazing people who are amazing in their own way.  ALJBS is an amazing program for anyone who is going to do to go, you will have an amazing experience.  Of course, though it is the best of new jersey here so you have to find a way to outsmart them.  Only downpart is the heat and the long and tiring days/nights. im running on 3 hours of sleep due to the fact that I am county freeholder and must do the county manual.  well i'll update more about it another time. 





Oct. 15th, 2005

Wats good in ya hood?? same shit different day ova here. haven't updated in a hot ass minute.

Well Just got finished taking the PSAT's like a half-hour ago.  it wasn't hard it was actually easy I think.  Easier than last year hopefully I will get a better score this year than last year. Its watever. I don't know why I took it when I am taking the SAT's in Decemeber as well the as the ACT.  Yea I have a sweet 16 to go tonight so I have to go and get me a haircut.

Well yesterday after school I went to the volleyball game against ALJ and Rahway won. thats wats up. 14-1!!!!! That's how we do!!!!  After that went home talked to some people and then went to Jamie's house to chill.  We played a card game called May I. Its a good game and seems fun. I asked if i could stay the night being that we both had to go to and take the PSAT's in the morning.  So yea then Scott came and he spent the night but first snuck out to go to the movies with some people.  So me and Jamie was just chlln and talking. went to sleep like 1 in the morning and woke up at like 7.


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