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wats going on people?? I'm just chilln like a villan!!  Today was actually a good day even though I thought it wasn't going to be.  I don't know why I thought it wouldn't have been a good day, but it was just one of those feelings that you have when you awake.  I had a bad feeling about today, but it wasn't that bad so that was pretty good.

Period 2- Physics- Talked about Elastic Potential Energy
Period 3- Gym- Cafeteria because they are doing something to the gym, I don't know and I really don't care.
Period 4- AP History- Talked about the end of the chapter.  Test Part I tomorrow
Period 5- Cooking- We made grilled cheese
Period 6- Calculus- Mr. O'donnell is one of the greatest teachers that the school has ever had.  He makes everything sooo much more simple than Mr. Zamor
Period 7- Broadcasting- Sat talked to Eric, Kelly, Kayt, Jess, Christina and just chilled for the most part.  I also went to Ms. Lilly and asked her did any of my teachers give the recommendations and Ms. Cook had handed in all of them.  Boy was she fast, because I just gave Ms. Cook everything on Friday.  I was pretty souped about that.  Now only Keat, Ms. Palemero, Radler, Farrell, and Ms. S and I'm done with recommendations and just about done with applications.
Period 8- English- took a test and then talked to judy and Brenda.  Also found out my grade for the marking period, 94.  Pretty content with that.
Period 9- Peer

After school I came home and then went to work. Work was soooo damn busy.  I swear we ran out of just about everything, so that was no fun.  But other than that work was just a chill ass day.  No work tomorrow but work on wednesday, friday, and saturday.  Family coming from Maryland tomorrow so I have to clean my room, even though its no point because no one should be in my room. who care, that's all I have to write about.  I leave you with this.

Be who you are, and say what you mean because the people who mind don't matter and the people that matter dont mind.!

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