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    Wats going on???  I'm pretty damn good.  I have not a worry in the world right now.  Well just like one or two but life is pretty damn good.. I have no reason why.  Well i think it has something to do with this retreat that i went on this past weekend.  It was defintely totally amazing and I loved every second of it.  It was one of the best weekends that I have had in a very long time.  I left everything at the door and just focused on myself and my relationship with God.  I feel that I have definely built a stronger relationship with God.  It was one of those weekends that I just needed.  A time away from all the stresses and worries in my life.  School, Work, Friends, Family.  I just needed time off and I definetly got it this weekend. 
    I also met the most amazing group of people in my entire life.  I swear I only met this kids on Saturday and I felt that I had known them since I was about 10.  It was like we've all known each other for all these years.  They are such cool, welcoming, friendly people that I've met.  I went into the retreat having about 2-4 friends and people that I knew and I left there with about 40+ family members. I totally wished that I would've went on the retreats a hell of a lot before this.  But the experience was def. amazing and something that I will always remember and cherish.

You'll never uderstand until you experience it. You'll never have the same appriciation as us. Were getting older but we'll stay young at heart forever. We've been up and down. Down has always felt like home but just a taste of happiness is enough fuel to get us through the next heartache. We push through the pain. Or at least Pray Until Something Happens. Every ending is a new beginning and every beginning is a new beginnings end. I love it. I hate it. this bittersweet life.


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